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Angry against one and all

 Reviewed by Asif Anwar Alig

Shoridah Zameen Per Dam Bakhud Shajar (Stories=Novel), by Mazharuzzaman Khan, pp120, Educational Publishing House, 3108, Vakil Street, Kucha Pandit, Lal Kuan,  Delhi- 110 06 (India), Price Indian Rupees 95/-, Hard            

Asif Anwar Alig
mpressions cut short if set presumptions overpower ethical syndromes. Prejudiced, biased and unsynchronized camouflage leads to guffaws in the human relationships. Mazharuzzaman Khan gifted me his second book Shoridah Zameen Per Dam Bakhud Shajar to express my views during our brief meeting in Hyderabad.

Until this meeting, I had had whimsical viewpoint about his personality as I hardly knew his creative instincts. But this brief one on one changed my perspective. His literary taste and untoward approach for the creative literature is beyond a supposedly substance level for which every litterateur dreams.  

Only few Urdu litterateurs avoid the besmirching traits in literature. Neither have they been experimenting it through fusion and fascination to ease the human minds through writing thinking literature. Giving room to the readers to be one of the part and parcels of the book one reads to comprehend it, it overhauls the minds. Rare innovative approaches in this fiction work turn it extremely engaging.  

The Book titled,

Shoridah Zameen Per Dam Bakhud Shajar

Unfortunately Urdu literature has still not come out of its dark phase. Most littérateurs are stick to set trends and they follow their godfathers by literally keeping them aloof from new experimentation. 

They don’t have enthusiasm to take risqué of being ‘blamed’ and ‘tagged.’ They avoid doing rebellious exploration in the impression that such activities might invite doom.

Those daring to think out of such dogma are in limited number. And, sensible readers are already accepting them wholeheartedly. Such literary divas are welcomed by all and sundry on the hypothesis that though they don’t have anything new to convey they have unique approaches to explain the ethics of literary genesis in their own typical styles. 

Though such trends sometimes end into apprehensions, it also provides room for a literati to read the minds of the readers. Innovation faces long term prejudice but not to deny it also brims glory for each of those litterateurs. Mazharuzzaman Khan has done such exploration in Urdu literature time and again. 

It has given way to young generations for dogging into the new treatments and perspectives to create piece of literature that defines subject and techniques to evaluate.

Urdu Books
This book intrigues us by putting a question mark before the readers to marquee for applying their own minds to ideally classify it. The collection of short stories is linked with an unending journey of a writer who is in constant state of melancholy: dispirited monologue is none other than a novel. 

He metamorphoses his own persona with entire human race. Existence of humanity under glooms, laxities, discrepancies, double standards and struggle for survival has transformed the author, who remains one of the leading protagonists to narrate the ramifications of this all, to creep resistance. He has adopted an approach of growing denial as every character of his stories concerns to self.

The Great Depression
The collection of short stories intermingles on remotest and concrete grounds on how the subjects are being treated. They are unique not because they tell universal story but because the subjects have been treated with an unequal caliber through well-defined use of metaphors. Parts of speeches have their own connotations due to author’s awareness on treating them meticulously. 

Metaphors leave enough scope for an intellectual reader to go deep into the theme of this book. The author goes deep in his unending trauma which implies to entire human race. He is vocal through steamy narration but remains silent spectator for encompassing an opportunity for the mankind to dog into his or her own race and introspect their self-made destructive devices which are reasons of their frustration, which has discredited humanity and its intention. Each story is a touchstone for one who loves literature, particularly Urdu literature. Its appeal is universal.

Why historical ramifications and existence of human race are at the cutting edge? And how a perfect past still didn’t ergo into its faded glory and presence of humanity is imperfect. Never-ending story of the perforators of enmity and communal disharmony have already hijacked humanism. The story didn’t change since centuries. So do the human agonies and blank faces of frustrated human race.  

Through the book, Shoridah Zameen Per Dam Bakhud Shajar, this author reaffirms that an incomplete tale of the human race still cripples in which he too finds his existence. He goes through each and every age of human history ever since centuries. The stories in this book are immortal once and for all as it portrays mankind’s destiny.  

This book review first appeared in on December 30, 2007. 

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