Friday, May 08, 2015

Go Get Going and Achieve Your Goal

Catch The Stars by M. Mumshad, STA Publications, Amraha, Chakand, Gaya, Bihar- 804 404, pp50, Price, INR 50/$02.


Asif Anwar Alig
otivation is an evangelistic asset in the era of materialism. As humanism is going down into the bottom line with the propagation of mobile family system isolating lifestyles, secretive materialism overpowers human relationships. Talking of motivation is a daredevil initiative today. This million dollar question has been replied by M. Mumshad through his first book, Catch the Stars, which describes the ascent of motivation in a very lucid and realistic manner. 

This 50-page coffee table book looks pretty in its glossy pages, supportive charts and towering examples of successful personalities from around the globe. These people went a step further to turn rich from the rags – for economic prosperity, making themselves personalities extraordinaire and achieving their unbound goals – to write their success stories.

The author of this book justifies this pioneering idea of motivation after applying it upon himself. He explored the motivational techniques in his life. The focus of motivation makes you think beyond certain parameters. 

The author also casts focus upon that goal-oriented approach of life in terms of professional attainment and personal satisfaction – by defining that being focused and comprehensive is the key to lead a successful life. Motivating self and those who matter to you the most is a great self-learning. Motivation, as the author describes in this book, is an obligatory mantra for every successful step.

Although Catch the Stars is not an attempt from a publisher of repute, and is rather an individual effort, this book describes the zeal of the author who makes best efforts to explain the true meaning of motivation. Most important attribute of this book is that it is a one sitting reading material written in simple and crispy style.

This book will definitely mark a place for itself in the book world of the contemporary era as it augments the readers to understand motivation through reading rather than implying any other learning resource.

This book review first appeared in Radiance Viewsweekly 12 April 2009 edition.

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